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  • American Heart AssociationThis website provides great information on healthy heart diets, cholesterol control, stress control, lifestyle tips, and how to cease smoking.
  • WebMDA site that offers general information regarding various diseases, their symptoms, and their treatments. You can also connect with other people who are experiencing the same health conditions through their blogs and community. Videos and other tutorials are also available for viewing. The link above is preset to the cardiac section of the website.
  • Women’s Heart FoundationProvides an excellent reference for not only women’s health and wellness, but for men’s as well. Different topics range from diets and exercise programs. Their “PDF Library” is one of the website’s best parts.
  • Mayo Clinic Medical ResourcesThe Mayo Clinic has been a reliable mainstay in the healthcare industry for years. Like WebMD, they possess general information on thousands of diseases and their symptoms. They also have a vast database on drugs, medical test, and medical procedures.
  • American College of CardiologyThis is a good website for research trials and information on the latest therapies for cardiac diseases.