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Treating your heart through a non-surgical method.

doctor offers red heart with finger printPercutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat coronary artery disease or plaque buildup in the arteries around the heart. When plaque builds up enough, it can restrict blood flow going to your heart muscle. During PCI, a small tube called a catheter is inserted into the artery in your groin or wrist, which is then threaded up to your heart. Contrast dye is then injected into the coronary arteries to visualize any blockages.

If there are any severe blockages, the doctor can then fix them by advancing a deflated balloon into the obstructed artery and inflating it to relieve the narrowing. Certain devices such as stents can also be deployed to keep the blood vessel open.

Usually, you’ll be awake during the procedure, but the given medications will help you relax. Recovery time is quick, and there’s a low risk of complications.

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